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Happy Winnie The Pooh Day!

Winnie the Pooh has been a childhood favorite for generations. Originally created in 1926, his stories have sparked honey-loving, childhood dreams for along time. Although there are many other characters that make up Winnie the Pooh universe (Kanga, Rabbit, Roo, and Tigger — just to name a few), there is not doubt that the bear wearing a red shirt with his fist shoved into a jar of honey is most certainly a favorite.

Here are a few ideas on celebrating this special day with PoohBear:)

1. Introduce your grandkids to Winnie the Pooh
2. Watch a Winnie the Pooh cartoon
We most definitely will not judge you for lounging on the couch watching Winnie the Pooh. I see a nap in my future:))

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It’s crazy how time flies by when your having fun:) RIGHT??

I came across this on Facebook and thought it would be a good topic to write about.

This year will make 28 years that we met and been together….WOW that sounds like forever and along time….lol well it actually is half my life this man has held my heart and never returned it:)) I was so lucky to have met him…

He has been my bestfriend since day 1 and that will never change…

Of course we have had our moments and ups and downs….who don’t right? That is all the things that have made us who we are today and how strong our relationship really is.. I am BLESSED!!!

We dated for like 9 years before he popped the question and we finally tied the knot…. Made me the happiest in the world…..I became his Queen and He my Prince.

June 9, 2020 we will celebrate 19 years of Marriage together..

I am thinking a nice romantic place to enjoy and celebrate…Any suggestions or ideas?

as always……



So…Today is Sunday and I have took the plunge and applied to work at amazon near me:) Yayyyyyy Me!!!!

Interesting I know:)

It was fairly easy to just type in jobs @ amazon and the site comes up, you register for the amazon workforce and it brings up jobs in your area. You basically just fill all the info out and it takes you to a screen where you then choose your shift of your desire and days you agree with, then it takes you to a hire event date and this is where you will appear and take a drug test and finish any background paper work that will be done on a computer there. Then we watched alittle slide of just information about what to expect there and took a little tour of the front of the building.

My start date is this month in alittle over a week… I am excited to start working again and the pay is actually decent:)

I have a inclass orientation day the day before i start and i will be sure to come back and share that experience with you as well…..

If anyone else works for amazon please share experiences with me:)
Thanks for stopping by and as always



500+ Happy New Year 2020 Wallpapers,Photos,pics…

I don’t want to start the new year with a resolution, I want to start with goals and intentions! I do have to say that I am glad the Holidays are over with only to start preparing for them again, because we all know they appear faster then we all would like, right???

We are starting our year off by moving from West Virginia back to home town in OHIO:) Looking for new place to call home and starting new jobs is always fun. We are blessed no matter what.

We are all turning a year older, birthdays to celebrate and we have a grandson that we will be welcoming into this crazy world in May….Sounds so far away but it will be here before i know it…and I can’t wait!

I hope nothing but happiness and good health on every single person! I am looking forward to meeting new bloggers and making new friends..

Thanks for stopping by and as always HAPPY BLOGGING!!!


Over the past years i have gained weight and lost weight and then just was comfortable but i don’t wanna say unhealthy but not fit:) So… I researched a little bit and spoke to my sister~n~law about the keto diet because her and my brother had done it and lost a lot of weight together!! I applaud them both for such a great accomplishment..

I started watching my carb intake and stopped drinking regular soda and started drinking diet soda…..which has been a big change and I believe how i have lost a little so far.

There are so many different techniques and recipes or ways and things to eat to help you get in the habit of changing the way you eat and drink and even exercise.

I love that I can eat BACON!!!!
The Food items are endless and I don’t have to starve:-)

I use an app called CarbManager 1eed5af6525a56cd88fb5fe3cbca8baa on my Cellphone that I enter daily what I eat and drink and then I know what my limit is for the day and how i am doing.. I also wear my Apple Watch that I try to do the 3 ring challenges and keep track of my activities. This plays a big part is to keep track for me and to know if i need to step my game of more for that day……..


Anywho…. When i first started I was really on the strict for a week and I lost around 5 lbs… then i fell off the wagon and just kinda didn’t really watch what i ate all the time but didn’t over do it either. I stopped weighing myself because i would get disappointed if the scale didn’t say something different…..

So a month has passed and I kinda could feel alittle difference in my body and weight but didn’t pay it no mind until one day my husband said…….”Are you loosing weight”? I said ” I don’t know maybe but i haven’t really been trying to”……. With that being said…..I was overly excited to weight myself because obviously it was noticeable even if it was a few lbs:))))

I finally weighted myself and I am down 13 lbs!!!! That might not be a lot to some but to me that is huge:)

Just a little sharing with you all about this diet and that if you really wanna make a difference you can and you can do it at your own pace.

Pintrest has a lot of recipes and ideas on there that i turn to and you can follow me there as well @

If you or someone you know has done or is doing please share info, recipes or social sites….THE MORE THE MERRIER!!!!

Thanks for listening and I will do a monthly blog on my weight and anything new that i have learned that i am able to share with others as well!!!!!